Services & Prices


Usually $700

Featuring the SofTap® Manual Method of Micropigmentation, each hair is manually tapped into skin with pigment, not ink, creating a very natural look. Actual price may vary depending on coverage needed and fullness

Eyeliner (top and bottom)


featuring the SofTap® Manual Method of Micropigmentation, natural looking eyeliner is applied. Natural eyeliner and dark eyeliner are available.

Lash Enhancement


Applied to the lashline only. (If using Latisse or any product to improve lash growth, please let me know)

Immediate brow touch up


A touch up appointment within the first four months is STRONGLY advised to achieve optimal results. This really is a process, not a procedure. The minimal fee of $50.00 applies if this visit is booked within 4 months.

Future brow touch up (within 5 years)


Although it is considered permanent, pigments will gradually fade with time and require an occasional touch up, usually within one to five years.



Each appointment includes a consultation before starting the procedure. However, consult only appointments are available for a minimal fee.

Nuetralizing old faded GREY brows before I add hair strokes


Natural looking EYELINER


For your eyes only ...

Soft Strokes Permanent Makeup by Phylis Milner, CMM