How long will my permanent make-up last?

Everyone has different body chemistry and lifestyles. If you are out in the sun a lot, of course it will fade faster. Extra precautions should be taken, sunglasses for eyes, and sun block for brows. Exfoliating products will also fade your permanent make-up. Although it is considered permanent, it will gradually fade with time, and require an occasional touch up, usually within one to five years.

Does the procedure hurt?

Again, everyone is different. There may be some discomfort, but every effort is made to make it as painless as possible. I only use topical anesthetic, no injections are used. The manual method provides maximum comfort, with less swelling and faster healing time. It is the most gentle way of implanting colored pigment into the skin.

How long before I can go back to work?

Most people return the next day. With the manual method there is very little swelling. You will have a thin coat of vaseline on your brows and/or eyeliner. I tell my clients that some people may think that you have been crying, but most people don't even notice. However, you cannot wear eye or brow make-up for at least 5 days. Your eyes are very prone to infection the first few days. If you are planning a trip, or have a major event to attend, it would be best to wait until afterward for your procedure. After the five days of vaseline, a new tube of mascara is also strongly advised.

How much does it cost?

Brows usually are $700.00 with hair strokes for the first visit depending on coverage needed and fullness. Immediate 6 to 8 week touch up is 50.00. Future touch ups within 5 years are 350,00.
Eyeliner top and bottom is $600.00.
Lash Enhancement is $400.00 (lashline only) (IF using Latisse or any product to improve lash growth PLEASE let me know)

Can you do a consultation first?

Yes, I can.  I always allow the time to do the procedure, as most clients are inclined to do the procedure at the time of first meeting and consult.  If consult only, there is a $50 fee which will go towards your procedure.

Do you do lips?

No, but if you would like, I can provide you with several referrals

Please no debit or credit cards CASH OR CHECKS ONLY

A touch up appointment is STRONGLY advised to achieve optimal results within 4 months.

This really is a process, not a procedure - I charge a minimal fee of $50.00 for this visit IF booked within 4 months.