Why Choose Soft Strokes Permanent Makeup?


Your safety, comfort, and happiness with results is my number one concern


Topical anesthetic, no injections


All equipment is pre-sterilized and disposable


Gentle, manual method; no tattoo machines


Soft, natural look using SofTap® pigments; no inks or dyes
Phylis Milner, CMM
If you have sparce eyebrows or wear eyeliner everyday, this may be for you.

My specialty is natural looking eyebrows with hair strokes, and natural looking eyeliner

my clients say about us

My Clients's Testimonials

  • Nicole Willis
    Nicole Willis
    Phylis Milner is the only professional I recommend for permanent eyebrow and liner. She is incredibly talented in making the brows look beautifully natural. As a professional Ibrow Designer I have seen some botched jobs & terrible fading of ink tattoos. Phylis uses a soft tap method & pigment, not ink! In my opinion this method is superior to the traditional ink, permanent cosmetics & the new "microblading". I have personally had my brows and eyes tapped by Phylis & love the results! She's the only person I would ever let touch my brows or recommend. Nicole Willis Ibrow Studio Edmond, OK Professional Ibrow Designer
  • Suzanne V. - Edmond, OK
    Suzanne V. - Edmond, OK
    I had been considering micropigmentation for my eyes for a couple of years. After I realized that my old friend was practicing this technique, I immediately made an appt. Then, the reality set in and I wanted to cancel the appt because of my fears and anxiety. Phylis invited me to visit her office, and she put me at ease. It was a painless (no shots!) procedure, and I would do it again. Phylis is a good artist, to begin with, but she is very careful and professional in addition to that.
  • Robyn H
    Robyn H
    Phylis Milner is an incredible artist! I cannot believe the fantastic job she did on my eyebrows and my eyeliner. I have hardly any brows and I had them done years before and they had faded horribly and were an ugly shape to boot. I am 51 yrs old and Phylis created the perfect shape and color with incredible precision. My husband, who I didn't think would even notice said he thought I looked beautiful and could not believe how "real" my eyebrows looked. He was impressed and anyone else she works her magic on will be too!!! Thank you Phylis, you ARE the BEST! I have had so many compliments on my eyes since Phylis worked her magic!
  • Mary E Edmond, OK
    Mary E Edmond, OK
    I don't normally write testimonials, but for Phylis and Soft Strokes I felt I must. As I get older I have noticed my brows thinning, I would find a good color match to till them in but they would never look natural and by the end of the day the color would be gone. Then, the color I chose would be dicontinued. I had a friend whom had gone to Phylis, and her brows were amazing, so, I took the venture and I can't put into words how great my brows look. So natural and such a great shape. They are perfect! She listens to you, you listen to her suggestions and the perfect brow emerges. I don't do a thing and they always look great.
  • Andrea E. - Edmond, OK
    Andrea E. - Edmond, OK
    You did an amazing job on my eyebrows. They were so out of shape and were embarrassing for me. I could not keep anything on them to make them look good. They look so real and no one can tell the difference. Thank you for the time you put into them. The process was painless and I think they look incredible!
  • Peggy H - Edmond
    Peggy H - Edmond
    MY brows had thinned so much that I was having to pencil in every day. In doing that, they didn't look real. I put off doing anything because of the fear of pain and worse the fear they would look like dark drawn on eyebrows. Phylis did a marvelous job. She worked with me to get the exact color and shape that looked best on me. I am very pleased and have had several compliments on how good they look. I would recommend Phylis and Soft Strokes Permanent Make Up to anyone.
  • Chandra F - Woodward
    Chandra F - Woodward
    I'm so glad that I made the decision to have Phylis do my brows. They look great! She does a wonderful job at making them look natural. She's also a very pleasant person, I would definately recommend her for anyone wanting permanent makeup!